Pioneers in Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) Software for Physical Therapists

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Hi there! my name is Dr Andrew Gorecki, Physical Therapist and Co-founder of Movement RX – a remote therapeutic monitoring solution.

I want to show you how easy it is to implement Movement RX in your clinic.

The old way of doing things we know is not working, studies show that only 35% of patients are actually participating with their home program and that’s because it’s done the old way. We’re either printing pictures for the patient or we’re using a video library of pre-recorded exercises.

Movement RX is involving the patient, we’re taking customized videos, involving them in their care, then we’re holding them accountable by monitoring their progress and walking them down the path of success.

The reason that Movement RX is so successful is because not only we’re involving the patient, we’re recording something that’s customized for them, we’re also tracking their progress; they’re engaging by logging into the app each day and logging a pain scale and performing their videos (they know that we are tracking their progress.) We are we are seeing each day the activity that they’re doing so there’s this accountability that occurs and we can encourage them when they are being successful.

It’s convenient for the therapist, it’s convenient for the patient, and it works!

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