Pioneers in Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) Software for Physical Therapists

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  1. Columns With the Label of 98975, 98977, 98980, 98981 (columns K-N) are to but submitted at the end of each month for each patient
  2. CPT code 98975 can only be billed once per plan of care
  3. Column O labeled phone call indicates with a 0 that no two way audio communication occurred in that month and a 1 indicates that a 2 way audio communication was achieved in that month
  4. CPT codes 98981 and 98980 cannot be submitted without a 1 in the phone call column
  5. CPT codes 98975 and 98977 can be billed without a phone call being made
  6. CPT codes 98975 and 98977 are software related and do not require identifiers for a PT or PTA when being submitted
  7. CPT codes 98980 and 98981 required a CQ code to be attached to the claim when services are performed by a PTA
  8. Columns J requires that at least 16 days of activity or data must be transmitted in the month otherwise 98977 code will not be generated
  9. See below for more details regarding the rules for billing CPT codes for RTM, our system automatically generates these codes when the rules have been met.
  10. At the bottom of the report you will see RTM Medicare reimbursement rates for each code, these can be modified based on your regions reimbursement