Pioneers in Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) Software for Physical Therapists

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Therapist Instructions to Patient

  • Purpose of the App – let your patients know that the app is a tool that can help them do the required exercises while they’re at home
  • Daily requirement for Patient– check in through the app to record their pain scale, as well as complete the prescribed video exercises
  • Improve outcomes by having accountability – inform patients that providers are tracking their daily record (pain scale, steps they’ve taken, completed videos)
  • Monthly check in – there will be a phone call from the provider’s office once per month or an in-person check in to see the patient’s progress and create a new video as needed

Example Script

For our home exercises we use an app where we record individualized videos, no cookie cutter homework sheets or videos, it is all customized to what we have found today. We are going to record these exercises together and they will be on your app or desktop portal in real-time. Each day it is important to log into the app when you do your exercises and properly track your progress. Let’s try it now together.