Pioneers in Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) Software for Physical Therapists

March 20, 2023

Remote therapeutic monitoring is a growing field in healthcare that involves using technology to monitor and track patient health and treatment progress outside of a traditional healthcare setting. In January 2022, Medicare CMS approved four CPT codes for remote therapeutic monitoring, each with their own specific requirements and reimbursement rates.

Let’s break down each code:

98975: This is the initial setup code, which is a one-time code for each patient. It is used to download and set up the monitoring system, whether through an app on the patient’s phone or through a browser. This code is produced after 16 days of data transmission.

98977: This code is used for monitoring musculoskeletal conditions and is billed once a month as long as the patient has access to the monitoring device through an app or browser.

98980: This code is based on the time of remote monitoring, specifically the first 20 minutes each month. It requires a phone or video call from the remote provider once a month to the patient. If at least 20 minutes of time and one contact has occurred at the end of every calendar month, this code can be billed.

98981 Additional 20 minutes: If the patient requires more than 20 minutes of remote monitoring, this code can be used as long as one contact has occurred. It is also billed at the end of every month.

It is important to note that the communication between the patient and the remote provider must occur once a month, either through a video conference or a phone call. This time also counts towards monitoring time, which can also be done in person but must be outside of the visit time.

These codes are billed 30 days following the date of setup, and the 977 code is billed each 30 days if 16 days of collection has occurred. The system automatically generates these codes per episode each 30 days and per calendar month.

Remote therapeutic monitoring is a valuable tool for healthcare providers to monitor and track patient progress outside of a traditional healthcare setting. With the approval of these CPT codes, providers can now receive reimbursement for their remote monitoring services.