Movement Prescriptions
to your mobile phone

How it works

Physical Therapist Identifies the Restrictions

A video is taken of the patient performing the exercises to correct the restriction

Video instantly appears on your phone in the MyMovement Rx app

Tracking of participation occurs and is sent to therapist

Getting Started is Simple

  • MyMovement Rx is a proven technology to improve the patient-Physical Therapist relationship and make real change in movement patterns
  • Simple and easy to use.
    Just register and Hit Record.

MyMovement Rx for Your Practice

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    (Unlimited Users)

    For individual PT’s and small practices who want to try out MyMovement Rx for unlimited time

    Package includes:

    • Management of Patients
    • Upload Exercise Videos
    • Video Playback
    • View Video Playback Analytics
    • HIPAA Compliance

    Includes 200 MB file space


    (Unlimited Users)

    $19  / month

    Multiple User Accounts Gets access to Management Dashboard to Analyze patient and therapist usage

    Includes: everything in FREE plus 1 GB file space
    (2,000 + videos)


    (Unlimited Users)

    $49  / month

    For larger practices who need efficient and organized patient and PT file management and in-depth reporting

    Includes: everything in FREE plus Up to 4 GB file space
    (10,000+ videos)


    (Unlimited Users)

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    Includes: everything in FREE plus

    • 50 GB+
    • Premium Support