Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) is a concept introduced in the 2022 Medicare Fee Schedule, which established a new set of CPT® codes specifically for remote monitoring of musculoskeletal patients.

This development allows physicians and physical therapists to receive reimbursement for the first time when they monitor their musculoskeletal patients remotely from home.

CPT Code Description Billing Frequency per Patient Reimbursement ($)


Initial set-up & patient education

Once per episode



RTM device & data transmission

Once each 30 days



First 20 minutes of RTM treatment management services in a month

Once per calendar month



Each additional 20 minutes of RTM treatment management services in a month

Multiple times per calendar month


*Exact reimbursement amounts vary by geographic region.

Description Initial set-up & patient education
Billing Frequency per Patient Once per episode
Reimbursement ($) $19.32*

Description RTM device & data transmission
Billing Frequency per Patient Once each 30 days
Reimbursement ($) $50.15*

Description First 20 minutes of RTM treatment management services in a month
Billing Frequency per Patient Once per calendar month
Reimbursement ($) $19.32*

Description Each additional 20 minutes of RTM treatment management services in a month
Billing Frequency per Patient Multiple times per calendar month
Reimbursement ($) $39.65*

*Exact reimbursement amounts vary by geographic region.

We collaborate with you to initiate and expand your remote therapeutic monitoring program.

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Elevate Home-Based Patient Care

Enhance patient care by providing support to patients in their homes.

Boost Communication

Maintain better communication with your patients between visits.

Zero Initial Cost

Our RTM implementation is straightforward, seamless, and comes at no upfront cost.

Enhance Patient Compliance

Increase patient adherence to home care plans through our cutting-edge home exercise programs.

Monitor Progress

Gather patient-reported outcome measures to track your patients' achievements.

Boost Financial Outcomes

Unlock the potential for improved financial performance for your practice.

Effortless 4-Step Procedure


Develop a personalized Home Exercise Program


Remote provider observes and oversees data


Remote provider guides patient to enhance engagement


Improved patient outcomes + Increased Profit for your practice


The MovementRX digital MSK platform, including a mobile app and web portal, allows you to effortlessly enhance your in-clinic care by providing top-notch digital, at-home assistance for your patients.

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Customize Home Exercise Program

Design a tailored home exercise program using an intuitive interface and engaging exercise videos

Monitor Progress from Afar

Track adherence to home exercises in real-time

Detect At-Risk Patients

Upgrade data analytics with our clinically validated, patent-pending risk stratification and predictive analytics tool

Swiftly Triage Care Back to Clinic

Employ comprehensive MSK assessment, targeted alerts, and triage features to escalate care back to the clinic when necessary

Offer Remote Assistance

Dedicated staff provide support for patient apps and are on hand to address any inquiries about the MSK platform

Customized Home Exercise Program Creation

Woman checking phone while exercising on a yoga mat

Tailored Home Exercise Builder

Providers can develop personalized home exercise programs catered to their patients’ needs

Comprehensive Remote Care Support

Looking to implement Remote Therapeutic Monitoring without disrupting existing workflows? Facing staffing challenges in your practice? MovementRX is here to assist.

We offer a comprehensive, turnkey solution. Our team supports your clinical staff in delivering one-on-one remote therapy monitoring for patients, providing regular reports throughout the process.

  • Direct Assistance: Personalized patient communication with their care team

  • Progress Tracking: Monitor adherence to home exercises and assess pain and function outcome measures during the episode of care using our RTM software

  • Triage: Promptly escalate patient care back to the clinic when needed

MovementRX unites digital and in-clinic care through remote therapeutic monitoring exercise software designed for physical therapists and providers.

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